1-ch. Videoinstallation and, Photoserie with stillessstander, 2m x 2m, 2017

13 ho and 21 ho
40 x 17 x 21cm, 48 x 36x 25 cm, Modelhauses, Concrete , 2017

It began on the 29.75m2 concrete floor.
The DMZ town of Yangjiri is a communal society for migrants, founded under military control to propagate North Korea.
The migrants here received support for their homes, but were not recognized of their ownership to land. Over a long period of time, they accumulated upon and trnasformed their home meausring 29.75m2 into an unique structure, on a land they could not own. These ‘attached houses’, attahced on top of each other, reflect the narratives of the displaced identities of the migrants, and are the materialization of the space of the ego itself.