1-Channel Installation 7:30 sec,loop, HD,colour,stereo,
3 + 2 AP, Photo-series 1200x800, D-Bond frame, 3 + 2 AP
The Promised Land leads through utopias and dreamscapes realized with the help technology,which -once reality- can survive only in a artificially created time/space capsule,and whose forward-looking splendor hardened to a cultural fossil in light of developing technologies and life philosophies. The video shows " Tropical Islands,Europe´s largest tropical holiday world", based in the architectural structure of a former airship dockyard in the land of Brandenburg. It is materialization of ideas of paradise in the frame of a historical paradigm that connects technological progress with a better life in the sense of economical progress,and simultaneously relates to the era of big discoveries,inventions,and conquests. The images are accompanied with a speaker´s voice explaining a Volkswagen production facility and leads through the marketing concept. Thus,ideas of earthly-technological paradises and true illusions mingle in The Promised Land, and culminate in a terrarium of some sort to possibly generate mutations there.