1-CH Videoinsallation with 2 Moving-Lightingobjects
12:12, HDV, colour, stereo, 2013 - On going Project
A to B

Arrays of light, projected through repetitive and familiar rhythms. Men, movements and materials reacting to the electrical impulses interpreted as light. When we watch, we are seeing our memories. Memories based on our relative locations and events. Memories are sequences. In this experiment, the memories are observed and shared while being displayed through repetitive light images. While watching the movements of light, your inner mirror is encountered at the darkest point. Out of the Silent Planet exists somewhere between A and B. The place to get ready for return. *Opto-rhodopsin: A compound word of Opto(eye, vision or light) and Rhodopsin(a visual pigment contained in the outer segments of the rod cells that respond to light stimulation of the retina). Opto-rhodopsin is an imaginary apparatus which recognizes memory through an electric impulse in the eyes caused by light corpuscles.

OPTORHODOPSIN I are one of part of CO LA BOR Projects. CO LA BOR is a consecutive experimental project where individual artists gather under a common theme, researching their artistic praxis throughout the exhibition in an open platform. Displays of collaboration, developed or developing ideas, unfinished concepts and raw materials allow for a surfacing of not only own themes and methods but also contradictions and disturbance across a body of work. For 7 consecutive days, laboratory CO LA BOR opens their door enabling visitors to witness the artists’ experiments and the daily changes of works. Visitors are therefore able to take part in analyzing or exchanging dialogues with the artists