Gravity’s Rainbow in Unprepared Time
2‐channel Videoinstallaon, 2:21,SD, 2009
Gravity’s Rainbow in Unprepared Time (2013), part of 9 Billion God’s Names, is an inter-media art work displayed at the 2013 Artist of Tomorrow Award Winner Exhibition along with artists in other fields such as architecture, literature, theater, and composition. She raised 12 abstract questions pertaining to the beliefs humans pursue instinctively, reflecting the names of gods surpassing the number of mankind. Each artist replied to these questions in their own linguistic mode. The artist threw the same questions back at her after leading narrative tests with collaborators for 12 days. Gravity’s Rainbow in Unprepared Time was her reply to the question “Where do you conceal yourself when in extreme sorrow and agony?” This was the most frequently asked question. This work addresses the untruths she made to excuse her transformation from a painter to a video artist. On display alongside this work is Always 5, in which the artist represents her anxiety amid constant questions about and endeavors for the future by using her first video and the manipulation device for her childhood lies. This work seems to be a metaphor for the ridiculous time of humans who can never escape from gravity.