3 - 5 Variable Videoinstallation,3:20 sec,HD,Loop,Stereo,Coulour, 2012
C-Print Serie 2012
GAMA-Portable Cinema 2012

FOR GOTT EN represents our incessant questions about God in four expressive ways: video, photography, installation, and art book. The time of sorrow --Where is God? She begins with the desperate outcry of Habakkuk the prophet recorded in the Bible a few thousands years ago and from the text of A Grief Observed carrying the true confession of novelist C.S. Lewis who had lost his beloved wife. Those who question God reach different conclusions, and the reason questions continue is because of the human dilemma of inescapable oblivion. A fear of being forgotten ----- The video shows what belief and a solid link with God to overcome such fears means through special interviews with Leipzig women between 70 and 90 years of age who remained steadfast in their beliefs under the former East German government that suppressed freedom of religion. The artist produced a film for each woman, based on information gathered from them through interviews. The films are projected in their homes through a portable installation Dein Auge ist das Fenster deines Körpers. The artist sought to document the process of their appreciation of the films. Their faces of the women while they watch the films contain indescribable emotional energy, posing the question “Are we really forgotten by God or Is God forgotten by us?”

4-Ch. Videoinstallation

3-Ch. Videoinstallation Version 

5-Ch. Videoinstallation