Choi & You
1 Ch-Videoinstallation, 3:30, 4k on HD, Projection on the Photo, Sound, Loop, 2019
Chansook Choi, who is actively working in Germany exploring the trajectories of Korean and Japanese women who had to migrate after the Second World War, enables us to look back on the experiences of diaspora women from a new perspective through ‘Choi & You’. The work started when she found old items of her Japanese grandmother who was the only person in the family who shared the life of an ‘immigrant woman’. The artist followed the traces of her grandmother between Korea, Japan and Berlin, and recorded them in the form of video images. All the routes recorded in the video
images are the actual places that appeared in the photo album of her grandmother. If the video images of ‘Choi & You’ follow the traces of ‘You’, the installation work of the same title which
completes a series together with it is ‘Cho’s Travels’ which just finished travelling with their shadows they couldn’t be caught or captured. The small and flat sea lying nonchalant in the exhibition hall transcends the time of day and night, and flows idly. The most perfect of all accompanies, that of ‘Choi’ and ‘You’ which never had the chance to walk side by side, is reproduced on the sea’s surface.

Written by Goeun Song (Curator)
Photo by Jaebum Kim