Choi Chan Sook has been building up a visual vocabulary revolving around the themes of movement, migration, and community. She has held solo exhibitions at Humbolt Forum Berlin (2017), Art Sonje Center, Seoul (2017), Taipei Digital Art Center, Taiwan (2020) and She granted to “KOREA. ARTIST PRIZE”  from  National Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art Korea 2021 and visual artist of the year from the Kunstfond Foundation in Germany 2021. She has awards at the Hyundai Motors Group VH AWARD (2019), Grant for emerging artist from Seoul Museum of Art (2017). interdisciplinary methodological approach, in performances at various International Biennale, the National Theater of Korea, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg,  Nationnal Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art Korea, Ars Electronica in Linz, etc.

2021    <qbit to adam, I adam>, Kang contemporary, Berlin
2020  “SUPERPOSITION qbit to adam” Digital Art Center, Teipei, Taiwan
2020  “It leaks, the light in their ground“ Seoul Media Canvas, Korea
2017   “Re-move” Art Sonjae Center, Seoul, Korea
2016   “Ground-Signal-Code-Notation” Humboltforum Berlin, Germany
2016   “Re move” Grimmmuseum, Berlin, Germany
2015   “WE remember ME”  Meinblau Projektraum Berlin, Germany
2015   “The Promised Land” Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
2013   “The nine billion names of God” Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010   “Methamorphose” Gallery KunstDoc, Seoul, Korea

Prize & Fellowship

2022 “Today´s Artist” by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea
2021 “KOREA ARTIST PRIZE” MMCA Korea & SBS Culture Foundation
2021  Stiftung KUNSTFOND, Arbeitsstipendium
2020 “Goldrausch2020” postgraduate progreamme for women artist, Germany
2019 “the 3rd VH AWARD” by Hyundai Motors Group, Seoul, Korea
2018 “Grant for Internationexchange program” from Arts Council Korea, Seoul, Korea
2017 “Grant for Visual artist” from Ilse Augustin Foundation,Stadtmuseum, Germany
2017 “Grant for emerging artist” from Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
2015 “Grant for Internationexchange program” from Arts Council Korea
2015 “Grant for Multimedia projects” from Arts Council Korea, Seoul, Korea
2014 “New Rising Artist” selected by Gallery LOOP, Seoul, Korea
2013 “Grant for interdisciplinary projects” from Arts Council Korea, Seoul,Korea
2012 „Artist for Tomorrow“, Prize for Artist of the Year, Sungkok Art Museum, Korea
2011  „NArT“ Promotion for Young-talented-artists of Seoul Art Foundation
2011  „Studio14“, International Fellowship of Halle 14 e.V, Leipzig, Germany
2011   Elsae Neumann Scholarship, Landesgraduiertenförderung des Senats Berlin
2008  1st Prize "Beyond Babel" International Competition for New Media, Bibliartes

Residency, Workshop and Lecture

Lecture “Exceptional Times, Uncertain Moves”
Pre-opening public programm of Seo-Seoul museum of art

“Artistic Research for women´s creator” workshop, Teipei Contemporary Art Center, Taiwam
“Artspace Geumchon“, Interntional Residency program, Seoul, Korea  

“Ars Electronica, Interntional Residency program, Linz, Austria
“H residency”, SACO 7 Contemporary festival, Chile

“ACT media festival“ 2016, Foru  Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea
“Minbuk Village, Yangjiri “ Lecture, Seoul National University, Korea
“Real DMZ“ Yang ju ri Residency by Samuso, Seoul, Korea

2005- 2011  
“Overcoming the Territorial“ Artistic knowledge transfer 
performative lectures and speech acts , Arts Club Berlin
Culturia, International Artist in Residency, Berlin
“Rex Workshop“, International Artist-exchanging workshop,Leipzig/Frankfurt(supported by Allianz Culture Foundation)   
“Studio14“, International Residency Program of Halle 14 e.V, Leipzig, German
Mullae Artfabrik, residency program, Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul,Korea
2005 - 2007 Workshop with Brian Eno, Pipilotti Rist, Shirin Neshat at UdK

Groupshows (Selected)

“Port to the new era”, Mediatower at Inchon International Airport
“Checkpoint. Border Views from Korea” , Kuunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Deutschland
“Nets of Fragmented Memories ”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei
“Mind & Matter”, Kang Contemporary Berlin, Germany

“Signaling Perimeters” , Seo-seoul Museum of Art, Korea
“Mutual Fragments”, basis-frankfurt, Frankfurt
“all about Women festival”, Sydney Opera House

“Sirene” Sirene – Goldrausch 2020, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
“20th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival”, Nemaf, Seoul, Korea
“Na HRANE / At the limit” Kunsthalle Bratislave, Slovakia

Time Reality: disconnection, trace, oblivion” Koreana Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
“The Square, Art and Society in Korea”, Nationnal Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art, Geachon
Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Linz, Austria
KOREAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery, New York
“DMZ”, Culture Station Seoul 284,Seoul
Multi-Access 4913,2019 SeMA´s New Acqusitions, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
Records Memories, The Center of Seoul City Architecture, Seoul

Role-playing - Rewriting mythologies, 7th Daegue Photo Biennale, Daegue
Facing Northkorea, Meinblau Prokektraum, Berlin
SURVIVE, Hidden Dimension,Kunstpunkt Berlin Galerie für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin
Neue Heimat, Willem Twee, Den Bosch, Neetherland
The Dictionaly of Evil, Gangwon International Biennale, Korea

The self-Evolving City, UIA , Seoul World Architects Congress, SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
“Real DMZ” Ahrus Edition,  Ahrus Kunsthalmuseum , Denemark
“Focus Female Korea, Never ending song” Meinblau Projektraum, Germany
“No Limite” , Museum of UFPA, Belem, Brazil  
“Dual-Use“, Transmediale Vorspiel, NONBerlin, Germnany

2008 - 2016  (selected)
“Links-Locality and Nomadism“, Galluxy Contemporary art museum, Chungqing China
“Dark Border“, Asia contemporary art platform, NON Berlin, Germany
“Reality“, Gyungnam Art Museum, Chang Won, Korea
“Believe it or Not“, Gallery ACC in Weimar, Germany
“DysTorpia“, International Media Project, Local pro ject art space, New York
“NOT IN MY OUR BACKYARDS“, Schauwerk Leipzig & Akademie Schloss Solitude
“The life is somewhere“, Gallery im Körnerpark, Berlin
“What happened to God?“ Halle14, Spinnerei Leipzig
“la vie en général“, v-kunst, Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt
“Reflection in Process“, Museum Moran, Seoul
“Circulation“, Daegu Art Center, Daegue
Crossbreeds 09, Medienkunstfestival, Kunsthalle WUK, Wien
“Beyond Babel", presentation at Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Intermediate Projects (Selected)


2021     “qbit to Adam” Performance at MMCA Seoul, Korea

“Ying Yang Su Wha” Mediafassade Humbolt forum in Berlinerpalas, Berlin,Germany
“A matter of time B” The Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Berlin

“The Calms light from the east” Collaboration with Daegong Cheon´s solo exhibition, Hyundai Motors Studio, Seoul, Korea

“LA DIVINA COMMEDIA” di dante alighire, video design, National Theatre of Korea

“Private Collection “, intermedia theatre, video projection and Director, Mullae Art Center in Seoul, Korea (supported by Seoul Culture Foundation)

“Blumenstaub” research project of Chan Sook Choi
(supported by Nachwuchsförderung des Landes Berlin (NaFöG) under the theme ”Women’s-Emigration” after the second World War between Korea and Japan. technical and scientific support  from Koreaverband e.V. and Daniela Schmidtke)

“Second Sleep” (03.12.2009) Radialsystem in Berlin, Interaction between Dance, Music and Video Projection

“Wonder Women Teaparty" in Dock11, Berlin (video installation with Yuko Kaseki and De-generation ensemble)

2021    National Museum of Art Seoul, Korea
2021    Museum of Contemporary art, Busan
2020   Seo seoul Museum of Art
2019    National Museum of Art Seoul, Korea
2019    Museum of Contemporary art, Busan
2018    Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
2017    Geverment Art Bank by National Museum of Art Seoul,                      Korea
2013    Sungkok art museum. Seoul, Korea

2020    Black Air, Research Book, Published by Goldrauschkünstlerin Porject
2019    Re-move, Artbook, ISBN 979-11-88658-11-4
2016    I HAVE ,Artbook, ISBN 978-89-963389-8-7 93600
2016    FOR GOTT EN ISBN 978-89-963389-8-7 93600
2016    THE PROMISED LAND ISBN 978-89-963389-8-7 93600
2014    The Grammar of independent art scean Berlin/Seoul,
             ISBN 978-3-86387-535-0
2007    “Diplom Arbeit „ A Study on the Mediations of Platon`s Cave Theory and Theoretical                 Methodologists through Projection" 228813/B0863 University of arts Berlin